Nara Japan

By Morgan

When we took the train into Nara I was so exhausted since it was about 9 o’clock at night and I was so happy that we had booked a hotel that morning and we knew where we were going, so we could just go to bed. Two nights before, when we got into Kyoto it was also 9 o’clock at night and it took us about half an hour to find a hostel (we were sitting in an expensive hotel looking for a cheaper hotel). The hotel that we got in Nara was a nice hotel since the room was cheaper than normal. It had robes, slippers, and basically all toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair ties, shower caps and combs. We were all, so happy that we got to take a shower, because we had on the same clothes (sleeping and awake) for 3 days straight, so we stank, and so did our clothes and we got to take a shower and wash some of our clothes. (It was so nice to have our own bathroom). Continue reading “Nara Japan”

China – The Sites

By Teresa

I slid open our cabin door to the outside. It was dark, and we were coming into Shanghai. The sea below us was an eerie grey color. At first look it was hard to register what I was seeing. The water was heavily polluted and filled with trash; it was simply filthy. The air was thick and heavy, and my lungs tighten in response. I closed the door and realized that what I had heard about the pollution, went far beyond the air. Continue reading “China – The Sites”

A Brief Chronology of Japan

By Cameron

Author’s Note:

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry.

It would seem that I went for quantity over quality for this write-up. It took much too long to write and didn’t turn out to be very good. It won’t happen again.

I’d like to address my grammar when writing about the first day: It’s juvenile. Really, it sounds like something a child would write (maybe a bit better). Anyhow, my excuse is that it represents the level that I was processing on. I was so overflowed by new sights and experiences Continue reading “A Brief Chronology of Japan”

Eating our Way Through Japan

by Teresa

#seachangechopsticks was born almost immediately as we arrived in Osaka. We navigated our way from the train to the subway station and headed towards Kuromon Market. We came across a very long line of local Japanese people at this tiny pastry stall. Upon further inspections we saw racks of little hot apple pocket pies. After cooking them, and right before selling them, they inject a cream custard into the middle of them. In my opinion this turned out to be the best food we had on our trip, and if you know me, you know I am a pie snob. Continue reading “Eating our Way Through Japan”

Japan at a Glance

By Teresa

Japan – At a Glance

Our first steps off the ship in Japan felt foreign. We had a general idea of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do, and no real idea what to expect as we navigated our way to the train station. The kids were put in charge of Japan, as they were disappointed with the one day we had in Hawaii, and had a difficult time agreeing on what to do. This delegation worked beautifully, they were armed with a map and the desire to see, learn, and explore Japan. Cameron was assigned to Kyoto, Caitlyn to Osaka and Morgan to Nara. As it turned out Caitlyn oversaw food, Morgan oversaw buying train tickets and determining the fare, and Cameron was in charge of the map. Continue reading “Japan at a Glance”

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