By Caitlyn

The Road

The major highway of Myanmar, stretching between the mountainous region of Kalaw, to the paya and tourist filled region of Bagan, to the big city of Yangon, is a two-lane road, not even. Driving away from Kalaw was a switchback road, with giant trucks squeezing next to each other. The road was so tight, that on the turns we had to wait until there were no cars or trucks coming to pass. On one side of the road was a cliff, dropping off until the next part of the road bellow, the other side was caterpillars digging into the mountain in an attempt to widen the road. Occasionally, there would be shops set up on the side of the road, selling produce, and other goods. I tried to capture some pictures of the winding road, but the dirty glass windows of the bus, prohibited any such thing.  So instead, I looked up from my book, and watched the scenery go by.

Elephas maximus

As we turned the corner of the trail, the elephants came into view, I stopped, I could not believe my eyes, the beautiful creatures up ahead were so big, yet gentle and calm. It was so much more real then visiting elephants in a zoo. In a zoo, they are behind a fence, a fence that hides their true nature, a fence that hides their true beauty. But here out in the open, I wonder how I had never seen their beauty before.
So how about that poop paper

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