Nara Japan

By Morgan

When we took the train into Nara I was so exhausted since it was about 9 o’clock at night and I was so happy that we had booked a hotel that morning and we knew where we were going, so we could just go to bed. Two nights before, when we got into Kyoto it was also 9 o’clock at night and it took us about half an hour to find a hostel (we were sitting in an expensive hotel looking for a cheaper hotel). The hotel that we got in Nara was a nice hotel since the room was cheaper than normal. It had robes, slippers, and basically all toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair ties, shower caps and combs. We were all, so happy that we got to take a shower, because we had on the same clothes (sleeping and awake) for 3 days straight, so we stank, and so did our clothes and we got to take a shower and wash some of our clothes. (It was so nice to have our own bathroom).

In the morning, when we left our the hotel we were looking at how to get to the Horyuji temple and there was a 20-minute walk after the subway so I said that it would be better if we did not do it so that we would have more time at the Kasuga Shrine and Todaiji Temple but my mom said we should just do it, so we took the subway to a place where we could walk to the Temple from. It took half an hour just to walk there from the train station when we got there, it looked like the whole thing was under scaffolding because all the stuff that we saw was, but when we got in the temple the part that was under construction was only the tiniest part off the temple. The Horyuji temples are the oldest surviving wooden structures in the world, so everything was made from wood and it was really cool. On the walk back, we were passing this place and Caitlyn smelt something really good, so we walked in and it was a small bakery shop, so we got some really light and fluffy bread, bread filled with custard, and bread with almonds and chocolate, they were so good I am so glad that Caitlyn smelt that shop. 

When we got back to Nara station we started walking to Nara park and we went through Nara-Machi and on the way to Nara park there were kimono coats outside of a store, so we were looking at the coats and we decided to go in. Then my brother had this “grand” idea that we should buy kimonos, so we spent about one hour in the shop looking for a kimono to buy. We did buy the kimonos and since it was a vintage shop they did not cost as much.

We headed over to Nara park and we bought deer crackers to feed the deer. By the time we got to Nara park it was time for the lighting of the hill. When we were walking to a good spot to see the hill we came upon lots of street food, and very yummy cheese sticks. They were cheese wrapped in something like a very thin tortilla, and deep fried. When the fireworks were going off, we could see them, and then 2 seconds later the sound would boom. When the hill was lit on fire we watched for a little bit and then headed over to what we thought was the Todaiji Temple, but it was closed and even if it wasn’t the Todaiji temple the Todaiji Temple was closed. I was so mad since we missed the Kasuga Shrine and Todaiji Temple, which was what I wanted to do, as one of my top things. After that, I said to my mom “I told you we should not have gone to the Horyuji temple”. We took a train back to the ship and we thought we missed our stop because we took the special rapid and the special rapid did not stop at our stop, so we had to go back one station, where our tickets went to. Even though the station we were at was the same distance away from the ship, just the other direction, it would cost more money and our tickets got off one stop earlier, so we took a train back and walked back to the ship.

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