Life of Morgan

By Morgan

When we first got back on the ship from Hawaii, I thought it would feel like so long before we got to Japan, since it was double the time, of how long it took to go to Hawaii, and Hawaii felt like a long time, but it surprisingly felt like less time than Hawaii. I tried swimming in the outdoor pool and it was pretty fun, since the pool would move with the boat and there were huge waves. So, my friends and I played games in it that were hard with the movement in the pool of the waves.

We decided to watch Life of Pi with all the ship kids and it was very scary since we are on a boat and there was a storm coming, plus we are going to India and that is where they came from. Let’s just say it was not the best choice of movie when you are on a ship, in the Pacific and there is a storm coming.

Two days before Japan during the kids play time we saw another ship and we got so exited we all started screaming and waving because imagine being all alone for 12 days at sea and then you see another ship. How happy do you think you would be?

In my opinion the most fun thing we did between Hawaii and Japan is when my family and my friends went out in the storm when it was super windy and rainy, it was even hailing. We went out and were standing in the wind with our rain coats unzipped and the wind was making them fly out. We were also taking pictures of us jumping and then you would get the picture when you were in the air.


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