From Volleyball and Bikinis to Wind, Rain and Hail

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By Teresa

23-Jan-2018 has become a site of great intrigue. May of us onboard, check the site occasionally to monitor the Pacific storm looming just to the north of us. The current eye of the storm reports 40’ waves in the center and 30’ to 20’ waves around the outside. This in combination of watching movies like the Life of Pi and the Titanic can lead the mind to wander. A short conversation with our captain, however can reassure even the most nervous onboard. The captain and bridge crew are aware of the storm and have been working diligently, charting our course to try to ensure a relatively smooth sail. The captain announced today that they were draining the pools, and closing the weight rooms in preparation for the impeding storm. The decks on the bow of the ship were also all closed, due to the wind.

Considering the options – worry about the storm and the possible addition to the barf count, or go outside and play, I decided to round up the kids and head out to the deck for some fun in the wind. As we put on our rain jackets and head outside, it is hard to believe the ship was full of sunbathers in bikinis and that we were playing volleyball on the top deck in the scorching sun only a few days earlier.

The wind on the deck proved to be there perfect stage for a photo shoot of flying in the breeze, jumping into the wind and forgetting that a storm, might make our bellies turn. One thing I have learned is movement and a bit of ruckus is the best anti-nausea medicine available on the ship.

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  1. Awesome experiences! Storms and sunsets at sea! And amazing that this very afternoon I’m writing about a tugboat trip Steven and I once took on rough ocean waters. We were the only kids on board, and we were allowed to run around on the deck. We were the only ones who didn’t get seasick. All the other passengers huddled, seasick, below deck. Just as you’ve written! I’m there in spirit … S.


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