How I Feel On The Ship

by Caitlyn

At first being on the ship for the first time was strange, and weird. But, now it feels more like a place that I could call home. At the same time, I can’t wait for land, and to get to Hawai’i in the morning. The ship community is very different than the community back home. At home, for the most part, everyone hangs out with people of the same grade, but on the ship, there are only a few kids. Even though we have not been at any port stops, I am already learning – from classes, and from the international students on the ship.
I felt different about the trip before I got on the ship. To start off, I was very excited about the trip, but at the same time did not want to leave my family and friends. Now I feel like, although I miss my father and my friends, I am going to get out of this, more than I can imagine at this moment in time. Not just by visiting the different port stops, but also learning how to live in a different type of community than I am used to. All of which will benefit me later, and although I know that my voyage will not always be pleasant, it will be worth it in the long run.

To get the most out of this trip as possible, I am taking three college classes: Global Studies, International Organizations, and Introduction to Theatre. All of which are very interesting, as well as very different from each other. I believe the classes will help me understand what I enjoy, and how I want to live my life and what I might want to do for my career.

Looking out at the ocean, I look out at the beauty, but also the loneliness – seeing nothing but water, no land, no visible sea life. And though the waves are beautiful, the sunsets have been cloudy, and I was very much hoping for beautiful skies full of stars, but I am a bit disappointed, I have only seen a few stars. Although I did get to see a mesmerizing rainbow over the endless ocean, the colors contrasting with the plain blue of the ocean, giving a sense of life, and taking away from the loneliness of the ocean.

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  1. Hello Caitlyn! Nice post and hope the surfing was fun. I am excited to learn about your studies and what you will be learning. Nice post! I can’t wait to hear more as I am also starting my masters in Global Organizational Leadership this week at Gonzaga. I can’t wait to hear about what inspires you from the classes you are taking and then possibilities for what you might pursue for a career. Have fun and happy learning.


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