This Isn’t Really Happening

by Caitlyn,

How I felt

Honestly, I can’t seem to wrap my head around our trip. It’s not like I don’t want to go, because I do. It’s not that I don’t really understand what we’re doing either, because I do. I mean, when my mom first told me what we were doing, I wasn’t surprised, and I wasn’t upset either. At first I was a bit amused. My mom had told us we were going to do different trips similar to this, but none of them followed through. Once we stepped into the travel doctor’s office for the first time, I only half realized that this was actually happening. The other half of me still did not believe it.When I said goodbye to my friends, I told myself that it was not a huge deal, because I would see them again. Later, I realized that for some of them that might have been goodbye forever. After all, not all of my friends are going to the same high school as I am. When I told my friends that I was leaving, they all reacted similarly to each other. They did not want me to leave. That is the hardest part of all of this: leaving my friends. Friends that I have been with for 8 years, 5 years, 2 years, or even just a few months. And even though I have not left yet, I miss them all like crazy.


I used to walk into the doctor’s office, afraid of getting shots. When my mom told me we had to get a “few” shots (7 shots is not just a few), I was not looking forward to it. We got shots at the travel medicine doctor, Costco, and pediatrician’s office. For the most part, it was not actually that hard. That is until the rabies vaccine. I might have, kind of, jumped as the nurse stabbed me with the needle. Thankfully, no one got hurt. But they did have to stab me again. The next two rounds of rabies went by smoothly, however I got them in my butt (instead of my shoulder). At least now I am a bit less afraid of shots, even after the incident.


It started off with my sister’s and my bedroom floor covered in our clothes. Some how I fit all of my clothes in a carry-on suitcase, for the most part. By doing this packing, it made me realize how few clothes I own. My mom is not letting us wear the clothes we packed, I have been wearing the same two outfits everyday. In order to get some of the clothes we needed, we had to go shopping. Yeah shopping! No. Shopping is the most boring and dreadful thing ever. Just let me curl up in my bed and read a good book! Except my mom returned all of my books to the library. 😦

How my friends celebrated (not really) my departure

Two of my good friends made me 20 rules for my trip:

  1. Death is not allowed.
  2. On a scale of 1-20, only a level 3 of fun is permitted (this rule should not be hard since we are not there).
  3. No drugs or alcohol of any kind (refer to notes from 5th period health class).
  4. No change in physical appearance, e.g. purple hair, tattoos, etc.
  5. Fellow passengers/citizens do not appreciate biting or animal noises. Please be considerate.
  6. Do not forget to restrain yourself when the urge to destroy something occurs. Find a peaceful place to calm yourself so that nobody has to call a hearse.
  7. Always clean up after yourself when you forget to follow rule number 6. (See above).
  8. When you get something wrong, the appropriate response is not to throw a chair (or other conveniently located furniture) at a living thing. Choose to be appropriate.
  9. Whatever comes up, please remember that there is absolutely NO chewing on the seats of whatever given vehicle.
  10. No matter what your parents say, THE BASSOON TAKES THE TRIP.
  11. Make sure to greet everybody in their native language. Otherwise, they wouldn’t understand and shun you for your rudeness.
  12. Bring Sarah some good food back from Germany (she’s German)!!
  13. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated; unless you want to hurt yourself. That thought is the kind that shouldn’t come out.
  14. Even if the food looks nasty, take a bite to be polite. Otherwise they’ll ditch you and you’ll have to survive alone.
  15. Refrain from telling everyone “it’s Myanmar! Not Burma!”, they probably have a reason for doing such.
  16. Talk to people (wait, did I even need to write that?!?).
  17. The college students will be taller than you. Bring the tallest heels you own.
  18. Before tanning, make sure are wearing something where you won’t regret the tan line.
  19. Leave your mark on each country, but make sure it is not too permanent so that people can wash it off.
  20. Ride an elephant for Maya.

My Brother is so annoying

Ugh, so to sum it up, I am a collaborator to this site, and my brother is an editor. That means that everything I write has to go through either my mom or my brother before getting published (if you are reading this, then it was probably my mom who edited it). My brother is now dancing around, saying that he gets to be my English teacher. Ugh.

(For the record, I edited it. You’re welcome, Caitlyn.) – Annoying Brother

2 thoughts on “This Isn’t Really Happening

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  1. Awesome post!

    I have just one thing to say — I noticed the photo on the header of your blog, where you’re all standing in front of the ship.. and in your hands (at least I think that’s you!) … is… a UKELELE! Well.. “I’m sorry that you had to carry that.. and I guess your friends rule got broken and there’s not also a bassoon.” (OK, not really! I think it’s FANTASTIC you have the ukulele! We Belfiores look forward to seeing a video of you playing it one or two months from now.)

    Have a great trip!


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