The Stars Align, the Universe Calls, and We Answer…

by Teresa

Some 20+ years ago, I decided I needed to take swimming lessons, as I had just completed my second triathlon, and realized I needed to work on my swimming. It was in the pool that I met Susan Sullivan. It was Susan, who first introduced the idea of a “Big Trip” – she told me that she was packing up her family and planned to travel for a year and homeschool her kids. I immediately knew I had to do the same one day.As the years passed, we had not one, but three children. I had often mentioned my desire to travel the world with the family, but the reality of it seemed impossible, until November of this year. Here is how it happened:

  • I was reconnected with Joe Belfiore, my old boss and close friend, who had recently done semester at sea with his family, and was transfixed listening to his adventures.
  • Caitlyn had decided to take a break from softball.
  • There was a Semesteratsea sailing leaving January 5th, 2018.
  • There was still space on the boat, and time to get passports, visas, and immunizations.

I asked the girls if they wanted to go; the answer was a resounding YES!!! I assumed Cameron would not come, as his dedication to ballet and dance is of paramount importance to him. However, after many conversations with his educators, instructors and him, we all agreed that the experience would be worth the extra challenges it might present. Two weeks later, we were getting passport photos, immunizations, and submitting visa applications. Now, eight weeks later, we are packing and getting ready for our travels abroad.

We invite you to follow our journey with this blog as we grow and change, together at sea.


3 thoughts on “The Stars Align, the Universe Calls, and We Answer…

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  1. Have a great trip and embrace all your adventures! They will bless you beyond belief although it may not seem like it at the time!


  2. WOW!! I’m so amazed and extremely happy for you guys. What a great experience will be, you definitely stirred the idea in my mind to do the same someday. The kids are so big. I’m in Paris at the moment. Happy New Year!


  3. Woo hoo! So happy for you and the family! I have to admit, I’m more than a little jealous thinking about the amazing people you’ll meet, the perspective-change that will happen for you and the kids, the STREETTTCHING everyone will do. You’ll LOVE IT!

    As you get to know the ship… I think on the 8th deck (though maybe it’s not that one) there’s a painting of a grizzled old seaman with grey hair and a beard, wearing like a captains hat and a blazer. He always made me think about the value of an adventuring lifestyle… give him a salute for me!

    We look forward to seeing future blog posts with photos of your room and shipboard life… have a great journey across the pacific!

    PS – did you remember to bring magnets? 🙂


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