Definition of seachange:

  1. archaic : a change brought about by the sea
  2. a profound or notable transformation



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Ghana – Puke, a Slave Castle and a Bike Ride

By Cameron

Let’s see… Ghana was split into two port stops, one in Takoradi and one in Tema.

Takoradi turned out to be quite uneventful. Caitlyn became sick the night before we arrived. We left her on the ship briefly and got some interne t at a nearby hotel and swam in the pool. When we got back, she began vomiting violently, covering everything in the room with a nice layer of barf. That was lovely. At its height, her fever was at one-hundred-three-point-something. Thankfully, she was well enough by the third day to join us in our brief visit to (though, very long drive) the Almina slave castle .

Continue reading “Ghana – Puke, a Slave Castle and a Bike Ride”

South Africa – Climbing, Big 5, Paragliding, Drives, and Sandboarding

By Teresa,

Day 1

Table Mountain – India Venster

Table Mountain is a huge, level plateau that is approximately 2 miles long. To the east of the plateau is Devil’s Peak and to the west is Lion’s Head, and Signal Hill. Together these impressive cliffs form a spectacular backdrop to Cape Town. The peak of the hike is 3,501 feet above sea level.    Continue reading “South Africa – Climbing, Big 5, Paragliding, Drives, and Sandboarding”

Myanmar: Elephant-Poop Paper, Trenches, Blisters, and Pizza

By Teresa,

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to Myanmar. We spent the first two days in Yangon and then most of our time in and around the small town of Kalaw. After having visited many developing countries, we have learned that our preference is for the smaller rural towns, where we have had the opportunity to get to know the local people and learn about their way of life. To be fair, we are not big fans of large US cities either. Our time in Myanmar was split between Yangon, where we docked, and a couple of rural towns near Kalaw. Continue reading “Myanmar: Elephant-Poop Paper, Trenches, Blisters, and Pizza”

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